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Are you searching for hiking boots that are both water-wicking and breathable? How about a solar-powered backpack? An all-weather lighter? Is the outdoorsman in you looking for for that special something? Rather than scavenging through the internet searching for each tool and equipment that you might need on a camping trip, All the equipment you need can be found at Survival Frog, the most convenient place to find all your adventuring gear.

Beginning in 2009, Survival Frog was conceptualized by CEO and Founder Byron Walker, who left his name in selling info-product books online. He and his close group of nine Survival Frog employees send everything you’ll need for survival preparedness and outdoor equipment, which range from beginner kits to specialist supply caches. Their company is built with the notion that the ability for people to buy reliable survival gear protect their families and loved ones should be at affordable prices.

The buying experience you’ve got on their site (or even through their hotline) further proves their motto, “Preparing made easy”. Buying the proper survival gear doesn’t have to be complicated. It should give you comfort rather than burdening you with questions on their durability, reliability, and ease of use.

Learn from like-minded survivalists like yourself, in our breakdown of what makes their website a wonderful place to start buying your survival gear.

Before you continue, you may want to watch this video by Tiberious Gib on YouTube that gives a quick overview. Afterward, you’ll want to read the rest of the article for a more comprehensive review.

Top-notch Buying Experience and Programs Survival Frog Phone Chargers

Prepare. Survive. Live. This is Survival Frog’s key tenet that they to impart to every customer that wants to learn how to be prepared for any situation.

Survival Frog is prepared to assist in various ways through their in-house customer support team; you can expect great assistance on specific queries as well as expert advice on particular goods and situational preparedness. Beginning as “Peak 10 Publishing” through their selling of books, CDs, DVDs, they’ve expanded and begun their focus on physical survival and outdoor equipment in as many aspects as you can imagine.

Survival Frog was donating and supporting causes like Operation Save Our Soldiers, and the Wounded Warrior Project as well as Make-A-Wish, Toys for Tots, and the Elk Institute. It goes to show that when a business is being run well, it’s easy to discover their genuine actions and services expand beyond just the products they provide and provide.

The Buyer’s Club Experience

An aspect that puts Survival Frog apart is their “VIP Buyers Club,”; a particular membership subscription for customers who want a bit more punch to their preparedness purchasing. Essentially it’s a paid service which allows you to enjoy several important benefits on the website not available to the standard customer.

The first advantage is practically the gold line for those comfortable with shopping online: Free Shipping and Returns. Nothing is worse than being excited for many days for whatever you purchased only to understand that it did not come in quite right; perhaps it came damaged, or it did not fit the way you wanted to. With a membership from the Buyer’s Club, you’ll enjoy free shipping and returns (within the US) so that you can worry less about any undue buyer’s remorse and experimentation with the products you’re keen on getting.

Second, as with any membership in retail, you will be enjoying an exclusive 15% website-wide discount on every order regardless of their current cost. You will still enjoy that sweet 15% discount on top of it all even if the product has an present discount or if you have another coupon. It is excellent having authentic and dependable products by your side, and it’s even better knowing you will not have to break the bank to do so.

Third, VIP Buyer’s Club members get to enjoy technical VIP phone support. Do you need additional aid in processing your return package? Not sure on the size of bag you need to get a 3-day camping trip? Only want to discuss what makes a certain multi-tool better than all the rest? You’ve got a lot you can say with your own personal VIP customer service rep to listen to you.

Survival Frog are also throwing in a free product gift value of $25, like the pot wasn’t already so rich. Who does not love a freebie on the side?

Membership is easy and comes in two subscription methods: monthly and yearly. Though a monthly subscription program comes in at $9.99, a yearly subscription plan throws in two free months, effectively providing you with a year’s worth of subscriptions for only $99.9. Survival Frog is so determined to guarantee you your money’s worth they are prepared to insure your savings over 6-months of purchasing on their site. They credit the difference as store credit if your discounts do not outweigh the amount of your membership dues by the end of 6 weeks. If this is not enough to satisfy you, rest assured you can cancel your membership at any time for any reason.

There’s No losing with the Survival Frog Buyer’s Club. Survival Frog Phone Chargers


Survival Frog Phone Chargers

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Easy Website Navigation

Buyer expertise is of tantamount importance to Survival Frog. After being in the survival preparedness business for so long now, they’ve managed to hone in on the equipment that they believe will be best for the aspiring survivalist and outdoorsman.

Their main splash page showcases popular items based on their customer opinions and purchase frequency, as well as a featured carousel of the in-house brand Frog & Co. This is the ideal place to find out what Survival Frog is currently recommending to their cohorts of preparedness enthusiasts.

At the top of the site is a toolbar where you can then browse their products through 5 different categories: Survival Gear, Food & Water, Energy and Radio, Kits, and Camping.

The most general spread of survival preparedness gear available is showcased in the Survival Gear category. Here you can find products ranging from bush axes to thermal blankets. Think anything survival, and you will likely find the item you’re looking for here. Survival Frog Phone Chargers

The Food & Water tab is probably what sets Survival Frog besides a number of other survival preparedness sites. They also have long-lasting shelf-stable water and food available for purchase alongside the base tools required for outdoor survival. Items like stable canned foods and dry grains are fantastic for personal survival caches or long-haul adventure trips.


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Survival Frog’s Energy & Radios section focuses on all things electrical. Here you can discover solar-powered battery packs, rechargeable body warmers, and two-way radios for ease of communication across medium distances. Among Survival Frog’s more interesting electrical products is their USB rechargeable batteries so you could plug the batteries directly into a USB socket to charge, removing the need for a battery charger on the move.

Kits by Survival Frog focuses on a mixed-bag (sometimes literally) of goods tailor-fit for specific scenarios. Here you can find all-in-one survival kits for an easy starter package of all the things you need for an superb bug-out bag as well as more specific kits like fire-starter kits and first-aid caches.

An expansive view of the numerous distinct tools, equipment, and solutions they have in making your camping trip all the better is one of the things Survival Frog’s camping section can provide. You may find tents, lighters, survival knives, and other vital things for any prospective adventurer. You are bound to find something useful for your plans here, does not matter if you’re experienced in camping or if this is your first trip.


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Highly Rated by Customers

Do not just take my word for it, though, since Survival Frog comes in highly rated by its customer base made up of experienced survivalists and outdoorsmen alike.

In one such example, a shopper from Utah was amazed to get a call from the CEO, Byron Walker, himself after he’d purchased some supplies through the Survival Frog website. Byron offered great follow-up substance as well as additional recommendations for what else they may need based on their current purchase. Receiving a call from the owner of this firm a spoonful as well as being able to send him his products roughly 48 hours after he checked out is really a hallmark of customer service right there.

In addition to their fantastic service, the Survival Frog catalogue of items seems to exceed expectations, with many users exclaiming their love for their new survival equipment and the costs at which they’re offered. Simply visit their product review page and see the abundance of 5-star evaluations that litter any product they’ve on-site. Survival Frog Phone Chargers

Some of the very best service and support you may find is given to Even briefly unsatisfied customers. Users who complain about a product are unsatisfied with more backbiting and defensive tones but with sincere support and apologetic messages about all the hassle. Even bad experiences end up being great ones with Survival Frog.

Final Words

Survival Frog may look like your standard outdoors/survival gear online emporium, but you should know that it is so much more than that. Survival Frog’s fantastic survival customer service and purchasing experience make you think you just wandered into their camping trip, and they are going to be teaching you all they can.

If you had to begin buying survival products for one reason or another, best to do it with Survival Frog.


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Frequently Asked Questions Survival Frog Phone Chargers

What Brands are Located in Survival Frog?

There are a ton of brands offered in Survival Frog. Gerber, Camp Chef, and Survival Care, which make knives, camp cookware, and survival rations, respectively, are some of the most popular brands on the site.

But a real gem found within their catalog of brands is their own namesake in-house product line, Frog & Co.

What are Frog & Co. Products?

Frog & Co. products are an extension of their service and reliability that Survival Frog offers on their site. They have now come out with a multitude of items that can meet a variety of needs that you may have in the wilderness.

You can rest easy knowing your bundled gear kit is curated from the Survival Frog team themselves as Frog & Co. also provides many of the survival and camping kits on the website. You can view all of their branded products here.

What is Survival Frog’s Return Policy?

As with any good internet shopping website, Survival Frog has laid out their return policy in clear and direct language so that you can be aware of what is accessible to return and what you won’t be able to.

As we mentioned previously, you’re free to return and apply for a refund for any reason whatsoever. Survival Frog states it as so on their site Return Policy webpage; Just Be Sure to contact within 14 calendar days of your purchase

Many of the products also have 3-year warranties in addition to their 14-day any reason return policy. So if you find that your product is faulty within 3 decades, you can issue a return and refund request from Survival Frog.

Note that some kinds of items can’t be returned, specifically food, water, and personal protective equipment such as facemasks. For these items, you’d need to request to cancel and refund the item before it gets sent out.

Where does Survival Frog Ship To?

Survival Frog currently ships to the US and Canada. Global shipping is currently not available yet as of this time of writing. Free shipping is available on most of domestic-US countries on all orders over $75.

Shipping through Survival Frog is done through USPS First Class and Priority Mail and calculated based on product weight and buyer’s zip code. You’ll have the ability to track your package through an email sent to you within two days of checkout. To find out more, you can visit the Survival Frog shipping policy page here.

How do I contact Survival Frog?

If you have any questions about Survival Frog products or their site, feel free to contact them at their customer service hotline, 1-800-773-7737, or their email at

You can even shoot them a message to some of their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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